Fun Map Of Kuantan




We had the opportunity to work with Tourism Malaysia Pahang to create a fun map of Kuantan city, a cartoonish and vibrant map.

What we did

  • Redesigned the map of Kuantan
  • A bird-eye (isometric) view of the city
  • A fun and exciting map to look at



How we did It

  • Designed a compact map but landmarks are given their details (miniaturized buildings are sketched according to their true forms)
  • Created different sizes of buildings according to their importance in the city
  • Separated areas and provided different kinds of emotions and ambience



The Challenge
Tourism Malaysia Pahang wanted a fun and tourists friendly map to enable local tourists and foreigners alike to find their ways and navigate easily through the city. However, the map must be compact yet still retains the perspective that they wanted, that led to a problem of the layout of roads, significant places and landmarks.


The Solutions

We had to feature the main roads only and left out the little alleys and roads, squeezing all the city buildings and landmarks into the map.


The Result

As we can see in the final image, the map looks fun, great and inviting. Most importantly, a complete and true depiction of the city; it’s Kuantan on a page…


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